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6 September 2023

Get ready to unleash your inner athlete with a Sport Session that captures your passion and dedication in action. As your sports photographer, I’m here to freeze those powerful and graceful moments on the field, court, or track. From the intensity in your eyes to the dynamic movements, every shot will reflect the energy and spirit of your sporting prowess. Whether it’s for personal achievement, team promotion, or the love of the game, these images will be a testament to your commitment and love for sports. Let’s dive into the world of athleticism and create lasting memories through the lens of sports excellence.


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Are you ready to recognise your athletic ability and dedication? With my Sports Photography service, I’m here to capture those powerful and graceful moments on the pitch, court or track. As your fitness photographer, I work hard to capture the essence of your enthusiasm and devotion in motion.

Capturing Dynamic Moments

Every second counts in the world of sports. I actively work to capture those dynamic moments that truly define your performance. Each shot successfully depicts the passion and spirit of your sporting prowess, whether it’s the fervour in your eyes as you score the winning goal or the beautiful movements that set you apart.

Passion in Action

Athletes have a special fire that motivates them to victory. I vividly demonstrate my passion in action. Every shot eloquently captures your enthusiasm for the game and your steadfast devotion to personal achievement, from the sweat on your brow to the resolve in your posture.

Sports Photography as a Team

Sports are about more than simply individual accomplishments; they are also about collaboration and togetherness. I specialise in capturing the essence of your team. Every shot successfully portrays the story of unity and teamwork, making it excellent for active team promotion, highlighting your team’s dedication, and generating lasting memories.

The Love of the Game

Aside from the competitive aspect, sports are about pure enjoyment of the game. My images are a passionate celebration of that love. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, my lens is devoted to preserving the fun, excitement, and camaraderie that define sports.

Sports Photography, Your Way

Your athletic journey is unique, and I actively tailor my fitness photography to your specific needs. Whether it’s an individual photoshoot to vividly highlight your personal achievements or a team session to promote unity, I’ve got you covered.

Contact Me

Are you ready to actively embark on this journey through the lens of sports excellence? Contact me today to discuss your sports photography needs. Let’s actively capture your athletic passion, dedication, and love for the game like never before. Your athletic journey, my expertise – together, we’ll effectively create lasting memories through sports photography.

Amir Wanas – London – Creative Sports Session


30 minutes
3 Photos
Studio or Location
Digital files


1 Hour
5 Photos
Studio or Location
Digital files


1.5 Hour
10 Photos
Studio or Location
Digital files


2 Hours
15 Photos
Studio or Location
Digital files

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